Biographical Nonsense

I see nothing of value in explaining about who I am. I mean, what do you get out of reading about an underage college student and his silly exploits? Could you really call being a level 9001 Master of the Internet an exploit? In any case, you made the mistake of clicking this. Reap what you sow, harvest what you plant, brush your teeth after eating… you know how this goes.

My name is Mike Powers, and I’m currently a junior at the University of Mary Washington. I’m a history major (which has so many career opportunities) and I enjoy spending as much time as possible doing nothing and procrastinating. I shouldn’t say that I enjoy it, but I’ve hit the last stage of grieving in that regard. I’m a casual historian, reading at my leisure and taking classes more as a way to increase my knowledge rather than to get good grades. In other words, I’m a horrible student.

I make things enjoyable with a biting sense of sarcasm that I’m too shy to share with others because I’m much too empathetic and cowardly. My vocabulary is rather sub-par when spoken, but I do enjoy a long game of scrabble and my written prose is delightful and witty (in my own eyes, at least…le sigh). Other important things: I’m an Eagle Scout, avid Internet User/Abuser, Irish history¬†aficionado, and I like long walks along short piers.

I’ll probably add more to this as the year goes on, and perhaps change the name and themes and all of that other junk to make this a more personalized blog, butttttttttttttt….as you’ve read the above, I’m quite lazy. Enjoy the written pieces, appreciate the lulzy pictures at the end of them, and join me in this adventure through what will most certainly be a stress-inducing and lovely journey through Digital History.


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