Fiasco of the Evening

In a brief lapse of exhaustion and technological failure, I accidentally interrupted Professor McClurken while editing my group’s contract for our project. Upon seeing revisions, I thought that I would take the time to correct my section. I did not notice, however, that he was still in the process of editing still. I saw a large block of purple highlight my section, and I dropped my mouse and almost my entire laptop. It was not a pleasant shock… but, thank the gods that it was quickly sorted out. First, I would like to apologize once more. Secondly, I would now like to get back to my usually sarcastic self and carry on with the weekly post.


Completed item: Contract (pending changes).

In the pipeline: The beginning of research and that good stuff.

Beginning phase: Website.

Not yet started: Sleep….


I’ll keep this one short and sweet so I can actually attempt to work on that last part, since I’ve been sick for the past week now. If I was previously given the choice of cake or death, it appears I didn’t hear the first option.


To those of you who want to know what being this sick is like, I’ll present it in a fashion that anyone can understand. This is not fun.

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