Internet Failures

There comes a time where the technologies that are available to you will become useless.  In this technology-reliant age, when one is denied access to the internet, the whole world comes to a dead stop, and all hope is lost. For this one instance where it has happened to me this weekend, I blame Apogee.

Upon trying to communicate with both my group and Jim Groom, I was hit with a horrible connection. I’ve come to expect garbage service in my past two-and-a-half years at Mary Washington, but I finally hit the point where I just want to light my laptop ablaze while laughing hysterically. There has been no real work done on any of my online assignments for classes, and I have maybe a thirty minute window where I can type this and then pray to Cthulu that all of this stuff will post.

Some other issues that I’ve experienced problems in trying to do:

  • Play a video on YouTube.
  • Open a link to an important site for another class.
  • Play a game on my PC.
  • Download an ungodly amount of ‘legal’ music and movies.
  • Browse the interwebz.
  • Troll the interwebz.

I think you catch my drift here. I hate Apogee.

OH! OH OH OH OH OH! On a side note that’s related to the topic, but not quite the class, how can you have the Tennis channel but not have the Soccer channel??! Again; Apogee.

So, no news from this past week in regard to the furthering of the website expansion project. However, there was a lovely picture of a T-Rex that made me feel happy…until the internet stomped on that, too. Thanks, Apogee.


Apogee: The Crusher of Worlds and Projects.

“”I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Apogee Ruler, “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty. I will end you.”

-The extra chapter in Revelations. It’s okay if you haven’t heard of it, seeing as it was over 9000 pages.